The D.A. Royo Group

Safety Management Systems. Simply.


Services Offered

Manned and Unmanned Aviation - remote vehicles - Maintenance - Corporate - Academic - Laboratory

A complete management system or a part.  Something completely new or a needed improvement.

We work with you, not just for you.


Documents Authored

The foundation of your system.  Your beliefs.  Your values.  Your purpose.  All aligned to be clear and concise.  If you need something clearly expressed, we can do it.

  • SMS
  • Vision, Strategy, and Plans
  • Policy
  • Requirements
  • Concept of Operations (ConOps)

Risk Managed

Threats and hazards identified and assessed.  From one time events to daily operations and activities.  If it can hurt you, we will discover it.

We've developed risk assessments from scratch, rebuilt existing ones, and even just provided an outside perspective that validated the excellent work the client had already done.  



Preparedness Assured

Building feedback.  The key to understanding if you're still on track.  Your strengths and vulnerabilities aren't static so neither should you be.

This is the heart of your system.  Recurrent proof of the processes in place that are identifying and minimizing the hazards you face.  Audits, interviews, employee reporting, and mishap investigation all help generate the feedback required to ensure persistent risk mitigation.

Teaching Elevated

We believe in teaching for understanding.  Once your people understand the "why", they will astound you with their creativeness and commitment to "how."

We can do recurrent training programs on a wide variety of subjects and speak directly to the challenges or needs of your company,  Whether its a few hours or a few days, we tailor our training to the depth of knowledge you desire.

In managing your SMS, we may recommend additional external services that provide specific capabilities based on the complexity of your environment.  These providers help with the heavy lifting of information management, and we work with them to customize their offerings to meet your exact needs.