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It's not about companies, it's about about cultures

Companies can be chaotic and complex.

Business schools excel at teaching the theories and models that govern the mechanics of “how" to succeed.  But their graduates are less stimulated by the soft metrics of the “why” - the motivation to not only be successful in, but transform an industry. 

The great companies don’t stop at production, they continue past to invention and advancement.  What enables companies to transcend the equations of finance and look to a betterment of the human effort?  The answer lies in their culture: their intrinsic, unified motivation to exist and succeed.  Successful cultures come with a clarity of purpose; a top to bottom understanding of where they are going and what can keep them from getting there; and a continuous feedback loop of what works and what doesn’t.  They face chaos and complexity with an unwavering commitment to cultural values and a confidence that the processes  built can withstand and adapt to the future unknowns.

This is what we believe.  This is what we help you build and help you keep.  Safety isn’t a separate part of your culture, it’s an aspect of the whole.  It supports a confidence in your ability to succeed.  It instills a sense of mutual support from the C-suite to the workfloor.  Your company as community.

Our “why” is because good societies are built from good communities, and good communities are built from people who are different but share a common purpose. Our “how” is through Safety Management Systems and a level of expertise and commitment second to none.

-DaR, Lead consultant